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Privacy Policy

If you have questions or concerns regarding the following then please contact me.

Mailing List
E-mail addresses are securely stored and can only be accessed by system administrators. Use of the mailing list by me is limited to notification of new images and occasional site update news. The mailing list will not be used by me for other unsolicited mail or given away or sold for such purposes.
Site Referral
E-mail addresses are used to send a referral message only and are not recorded. Only the recipient sees the senders e-mail address.

E-mail addresses are used to send a notification message only and are not recorded on the postcard. Only the recipient sees the senders e-mail address.

Postcards are given a long unique number and stored on the server. They can be viewed by the intended recipient, system administrators, and (very very small risk) anyone able to guess the postcard number.

There is no guestbook. This is because submitted information is very public including e-mail addresses. The guestbook was removed when it was discovered that there are web robots that 'harvest' e-mail addresses from web sites (including guestbook pages) for use by spammers.
Other Internet Advice

Here is some additional advice whenever you are on the Internet - not just at this site:

  • If you can then use one e-mail address for family and friends and another for submitting to web sites. This way any spam should only come to one e-mail address.
  • When using an electronic postcard service (including the one on this site), only write that which you would be comfortable writing on a real postcard.
  • When shopping online use a credit card with a low limit - such as $500. This should give peace of mind in the very rare instance that the card number is stolen. Not only is worse case liability limited but such a card is often useless to a thief as they usually try and buy goods priced over $500.
  • Be a little paranoid about the information you submit - anyone may see it. For example see the advice on postcards. Credit card information should only be submitted on secure links. But also be careful about mailing addresses and phone numbers. Spam comes in all forms.
  • Never ever meet anyone you first talk to online.

All images copyright 1998- John Bell

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