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Downloading Images
Obtaining pictures from this web site is simple. By clicking on the image (you may need to do this once or twice depending where you start from), you will see a page showing just the image and nothing else. This is the downloaded image and is usually the free 640x480 sized image (members have access to larger image sizes). It is then just a matter of using your Internet browser to save the image. If you need them detailed instructions follow below.
Setting an image as desktop wallpaper
Use one of two methods. The first is to click the right mouse button on the downloaded image and select the 'Set as Wallpaper' option instead of 'Save Picture As..' (wording varies from browser to browser). The second is to use the Windows Control Panel (a utility that comes with Windows) and in the Display Control Panel set the background to the image downloaded. Note that you need to download the image first.

Using images as a screen saver

I have stopped offering screen savers from this site - the files sizes are very big, and I also found that a number of the free programs that I used to create the screen savers came with adware software (harmless but irritating).

It is possible to create you own screen savers - there is a lot of software around that helps you do this. All that's needed are the images you want to use. So if you want to do this, first download from this site the images that you want to use.

It's possible to purchase 'do it yourself' screen savers from computer stores. Alternatively an internet search for 'create screen saver' yields alternative options. Although be careful with this approach - not everything is really free - and use an anti-virus utility to be safe.

Fitting Images to your Display

To start with note that all images are 640x480 or larger. If you find that the image you downloaded is smaller (such as 400x300 or 133x100) then this means that you downloaded a preview or thumbnail sized image instead.

If after downloading an image you find that you cannot see a verse or that there is a blank border around the image then you may want to re-size the image to fit your display. Here are some solutions you could try:

  • If you use a wallpaper or screen saver utility, look out for an option to automatically scale the image to your display. There is usually one.
  • In most windows operating systems in display settings there is usually an option to scale the image to the screen.
  • Finally - you could change your display resolution. (I suppose you could then say that your screen fits the image). You can do this in the Windows Control Panel. Display Settings. TIP: some people don't do this because the text size is reduced. But there is a 'use large fonts' option that will make them bigger again.
Browser Download Instructions

Use one of the following techniques from the image page:

  • Press the right mouse button on the thumbnail. From the resulting pop-up menu select Save Target As ... or Save Link As .... Now use the dialog box to save the full sized image.
  • Press the left mouse button on the thumbnail and the full sized image will appear. Press the right mouse button on the full sized image. From the resultant pop-up menu select Save Picture As ... or Save Image As .... Now use the dialog box to save the full sized image.
  • Press the left mouse button on the thumbnail and the full sized image will appear. Using the browser menu at the top select File and Save As .... Now use the dialog box to save the full sized image.

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